Industrial Lighting - Moscow, 2018

Dear colleagues!

Industrial Lighting - Moscow, 2018 exhibition and conference devoted to lighting technologies and products for industrial, transport and city applications was held 16-19 April 2018 in Moscow, Russia. 

It was organized for experts engaged in lighting projects and products supply for industrial premises, offices, shopping centers, universities and schools, administrative and public buildings as well as transport and city streets infrastructure. There is also growing demand in lighting components from Russian manufacturers.

The exhibition was visited by over 16 000 experts. Photo report from 2018 expo.


Moscow City and the central region of Russia is the most developed industrial area in Russian Federation. The estimated quantity of lighting units used in the region is 400 mln, over 13% are LED devices.

In the Central region of Russia are registered:

  • more than 4000 industrial enterprises
  • Over 5000 trade centers and shops
  • Over 1000 stadiums, swimming pulls, and other sport objects
  • Over 2000 railway and bus stations, transfer knots
  • Over 3000 office centers
  • Over 1700 farms and greenhouses
  • Over 3000 schools and universities
  • Over 500 warehouse terminals
  • Streets and roads are lighted by over 1 000 000 lighting spots

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