Industrial Lighting - St.Petersburg, 2017

Dear colleagues,

You are welcome at the web-site of Industrial Lighting - St.Petersburg, 2017 exhibition devoted to lighting technologies and products for industrial, transport and city applications.

The exhibition will be held 3-6 October 2017 in St.Petersburg, Russia, at the best fairground of St.Petersburg - Expoforum

It is organized for experts engaged in lighting projects and products supply for industrial premises, offices, shopping centers, universities and schools, administrative and public buildings as well as transport and city streets infrastructure. There is also growing demand in lighting components from Russian manufacturers.


St.Petersburg and North-West region of Russia is one of the most developed industrial and transport region of RF. There are more than 850 industrial enterprises registered. The estimated quantity of lighting units used in the region is 20-40 mln.

Welcome to visit Industrial Lighting 2017 exhibition in St.Petersburg!