History of the exhibition 2011-2019

Industrial Lighting 2019 exhibition was held in St.Petersburg in October 2019. It was visited by over 1000 targeted specialists, the whole number of Energoeffectivnost, RosGasExpo and Gas Forum trade fairs visitors estemated as 12 000.

2019 participants list:

Организация Веб-сайт
IntiLED http://www.intiled.ru
AMIRA http://www.amira.ru
APSS association http://www.russia-led-ssl.ru/
Ardatov Lighting Plant http://www.astz.ru
Electrocable association http://www.elektrokabel.ru
Velan http://www.velan-td.ru
Gorex http://gorex-svet.ru
Goreltech http://www.exd.ru
Mariyskiy machine building plant http://www.marimmz.ru
NII TM http://www.niitm.spb.ru
LED-Effect http://led-effect.ru
LuxON http://www.luxon.su
TSN-Electro http://www.tcn-nn.ru
Photon http://fotonled.ru
LiDS light deisgn school


ER-Telecom https://ertelecom.ru







Industrial Lighting 2017 exhibition was held in St.Petersburg in October 2017. It was visited by over 1000 targeted specialists, the whole number of Energoeffectivnost, RosGasExpo trade fairs visitors estemated as 6500.

Photos from 2017 exhibition.

2017 participants list:

Organization City Web
APSS Association Moscow http://nprpss.ru
ATON Nizhniy Novgorod http://www.aton-svet.ru
Industry Ltd Smolensk http://industriya-gstz.ru
NTC Photometria Moscow http://www.fotometriya.ru

Poluprovodnikovaya Svetotechnica magazine

St.Petersburg http://www.led-e.ru

NPP Solar

Krasnodar http://www.solatube.su
Modern Lighting magazine Moscow http://www.lightingmedia.ru
VIA Svet St.Petersburg http://www.spfactor.ru
STC Lighting Systems St.Petersburg http://svetstk.ru
Photon Velikiy Novgorod http://fotonled.ru
LiDS Lighting design school Moscow http://www.lidschool.org
Electrotochpribor Omsk http://etpribor.ru
ITL Ekaterinburg http://www.itl-light.ru



'Industrial Lighting 2016' exhibition was held in St.Petersburg in October 2016. It was visited by over 1000 targeted specialists, the whole number of Energoeffectivnost, Rosgasexpo trade fairs visitors estemated as 6000.

photoes from the expo.

2016 participants list:

Company City www
IntiLED Moscow


LedIL St.Petersburg


Lazer-Graffity St.Petersburg http://lazer-graffiti.ru
LED-Effect Moscow http://led-effect.ru
Lensvet St.Petersburg http://www.lensvet.com
LedInGrad St.Petersburg http://www.ledingrad.ru
NPP TKA St.Petersburg http://www.tkaspb.ru

Semiconductor Lighting, magazine

St.Petersburg http://www.led-e.ru


Moscow http://www.revolight.ru
Konnex association Moscow http://www.konnex-russia.ru
Rusled Tomsk http://www.rusled.net
Safplast Kazan http://www.safplast.ru
Svetoservice St.Petersburg http://www.svetoservis.ru
SDSVET Moscow http://www.sdsvet.ru
Modern Lighting, magazine Moscow http://www.lightingmedia.ru
PHOTON Novgorod http://fotonled.ru
LiDS Lignting Design Scholl Moscow






2016 conference program was held 6 October 2016 at the Expoforum convention and exhibition centre. The following sections took place:

12:30 - 13:30 Import substitution in the industrial lighting: quality and reliability from local developers;
13:30 - 15:00 Office lighting: how to upgrade to LED lighting and save money? Smart control in lighting;
15:00 - 17:30 Street lighting, lighting design, architectural lighting;

At the conferences and workshops administrative and organizational aspects of development of industrial lighting engineering, feature of introduction and operation of lighting devices and systems on their basis were discussed.

17:40 - 20:00 Bus city tour followed by experts of GUP Lensvet (responsible for street and architectural lighting in St.Petersburg), LiDS Lighting Design School, the company IntiLED. At the end of the tour at 20:00 Banquet for the exhibitors and lighting specialists took place at Mamalyga restoraunt.


5th 'Industrial Lighting 2015' exhibition was held in St.Petersburg in October 2015. It was visited by over 2000 targeted specialists, the whole number of Russian Industrialist forum visitors estemated as 10000.

Download photoes from the expo.

2015 participants list:

Company City www
Lumen&ExpertUnion, magazine Moscow http://lumen2b.ru
LuxON Moscow


IntiLED Moscow


AURA architecture bureau St.Petersburg  
VNIIIS named after Ladygin Saransk http://www.vniiis.su
Institute for the optics of the atmosphere named after V. Zuev, Siberia branch of Russian Academy of Science Tomsk http://www.iao.ru/ru
Darnova St.Petersburg http://www.дарнова.рф
Darion St.Petersburg http://darion-svet.ru
ICES Saransk  
Lensvet St.Petersburg http://www.lensvet.com
Lisma Saransk http://www.lisma-guprm.ru
Neva-Reactive St.Petersburg http://www.ledingrad.ru
NET Moscow http://aetechnologies.ru
NPP NFL Voronezh http://www.nppnfl.ru
Optics and Light St.Petersburg http://www.opisvet.ru

Poluprovodnikovaya Svetotechnika, magazine

St.Petersburg http://www.led-e.ru


St.Petersburg http://www.soptel.ru

SVT Svetotronika

St.Petersburg http://tdsvt.ru
Special Lamps Moscow http://www.slamp.ru
KONNEX Russian Association Moscow http://www.konnex-russia.ru
Rynok Svetotechniki, magazine Moscow http://www.sveti.ru
Sovremennaya Svetotechnika, magazine Moscow http://www.lightingmedia.ru
Fokus SPB St.Petersburg http://www.ledsvet.ru
LiDS Svetodesign Schook Moscow http://www.lidschool.org


4th 'Industrial Lighting 2014' exhibition was held in St.Petersburg in October 2014. It was visited by 2500 targeted specialists, the whole number of Russian Industrialist forum visitors estemated as 13500.

Download photoes from the expo.

Industrial Lighting 2014' participants:

Организация Город Веб-сайт
Lumen&ExpertUnion magazine Moscow http://lumen2b.ru
VILED Svetotronika St.Petersburg  http://www.viled.net
LightBurg St.Petersburg  http://www.lightburg.com
Lazer Graffity St.Petersburg  http://lazer-graffiti.ru
XLight Moscow http://www.xlight.ru
Intesso Rostov-on-Don http://intesso.ru
KEP Ingeniring St.Petersburg  http://www.kep-eng.com
LEDinGRAD St.Petersburg  http://www.ledingrad.ru
Nord Invest Kirishi http://www.nponordled.ru

Semiconductor Lighting magazine

St.Petersburg  http://www.led-e.ru
Lighting Market magazine Moscow http://www.sveti.ru
Lighting magazine Moscow http://www.sveto-tekhnika.ru
Lighting Technologies Moscow http://www.ltcompany.com
Modern Lighting magazine Moscow http://www.lightingmedia.ru
TKA St.Petersburg  http://www.tkaspb.ru
Ferex Moscow http://www.fereks.ru
Focus SPB St.Petersburg  http://www.ledsvet.ru
Energo-Arsenal Ekaterinburg http:///www.itl-light.ru


3-d 'Industrial Lighting 2013' exhibition was held in St.Petersburg in October 2013.

2013 exhibitors:

  Company Website
1 Lumen&ExpertUnion, magazine http://lumen2b.ru
2 Vivo Luce! http://www.vivoluce.ru
3 UNIEL http://www.uniel.ru
4 AtomSvet http://www.atomsvet.ru
5 Viled-Svetotronika http://www.viled.net
6 Incom http://www.incomnn.ru
7 Lampyris http://www.lampyris.ru
8 Lazer-Graffiti http://lazer-graffiti.ru/
9 Ledel North-West http://www.ledel-nw.ru
10  Led-effect http://led-effect.ru
11  MacroGroup http://macrogroup.ru
12  New Fase http://www.новаяфаза.рф
13  Optogan http://www.optogan.ru
14  LED-e, magazine http://www.led-e.ru
15  Lighting Market, magazine http://www.sveti.ru
16  Svetlana-Optoelectronica http://www.soptel.ru
17  Lighting, magazine http://www.sveto-tekhnika.ru
18  Sviasinvest http://www.led.si.by
19  Sl-trading http://www.sl-trading.ru
20  Modern Lighting, magazine http://www.lightingmedia.ru
21  TSM http://www.tsm-spb.ru
22  TENS http://rutens.ru
23  Focus SPB http://www.ledsvet.ru 
24  LEDit http://www.ledit.ru
25  Electrotechnika and Automatika http://www.omelta.com/contacts
26  ESCO-New Light http://www.esco-newlight.ru
27  Energosvet, NP http://eg.energosovet.ru
28 METTEM Lighting http://mettemlighting.ru
29  YE International http://www.yeint.ru


On Oct. 2, 2013 Lumen & Expert Union was helding a 2nd Conference on Industrial Lighing.

Openning ceremony:





2nd LUMEN - Industrial Lighting Conference:
























2-nd 'Industrial Lighting 2012' exhibition was held in St.Petersburg in September 2012.

2012 exhibitors:
Company City
Econex Volgograd
KITROS  St.Petersburg
LEDsmart St.Petersburg
Lumen & ExpertUnion Moscow
Markonled St.Petersburg
Quantum Yaroslavl
Brightelek Moscow
Vostok Trade St.Petersburg
Horizint NPP Ekaterinburg
LightSvet Moscow Region
KGTU Kazan
Compex Systems St.Petersburg
KTL Moscow
Macro Group St.Petersburg
Nanosvet Moscow
NLT Moscow
Market of Lighting Moscow
LED Lighting St.Petersburg
SL Trading St.Petersburg
Transcom Velikiy Novgorod
TransET St.Petersburg
Focus-SPB St.Petersburg
Electra Plus St.Petersburg
EfLight Togliatti

On Sep. 27, 2012 Lumen & Expert Union was helding a 1st Conference on Industrial Lighing.

Photo report:











1-st 'Industrial Lighting 2011' exhibition was held in St.Petersburg in September 2011.

2011 exhibitors:

Seminars: "Modern lighting for industrial and streets applications", "The experience in supplying for lighting equipment manufacturing" were held.

The exposition was visited by 2000 devoted professionals. The total number of registered professionals at 'Russian Industrialist' forum reached 13775.

Visitor's statistics:

By geography, %

St.Petersburg and North-West region

Moscow and Moscow region  8
Central Russia 5
The Urals and Volga region  1
South region 1
Byelorussia   1
Other regions  4
By position in a company, specialists
Official delegates members 360
Federal, regional and local administrations 522
CEO, Deputy Directors, Chief Engineers 3412
Specialists 7644
University proffesors and studens  1837

Photo gallery:

Современная светотехника 2011 01  Современная светотехника 2011 03

 Современная светотехника 2011 02  Современная светотехника 2011 06  Современная светотехника 2011 07

Современная светотехника 2011 04  Современная светотехника 2011 05

Современная светотехника 2011 08  Современная светотехника 2011 09

Современная светотехника 2011 10  Современная светотехника 2011 11