Business program

Business program plan 2019:

On October 3, 2019 a panel discussion Advanced lighting technologies for industry and energy was held. The event is organized for Power engineers and specialists of power supply services of industrial enterprises, enterprises of the gas industry, oil refineries, energy and engineering facilities. APSS association experts will share the criteria for choosing a reliable supplier of quality lighting equipment, discuss certification and testing, talk about the possibilities of intelligent lighting control in order to reduce energy costs, improve conditions and increase productivity. The venue is the Green Room. Visiting is free.

On October 2-3, 2019 a conference for city lighting operators Attractive City - the Light of comfortable city space was organized under the Lensvet GBU support. In was visited by 40 experts and engineers from 12 Russian cities. Technical tours to AMIRA and IntiLED plants as well as evening excursion devoted to St.Petersburg street and architecture lighting supplemented the conference.

Photoes from conference halls and excursions 2017-2019: